If you’re having your floor replaced or needing a floor installation, you may wonder which coating is best. Epoxy floor coating is a common solution for many residential and commercial purposes; however, is it the best one in the market? Not really.

You’ll also find a polyurea coating if you’re looking for flooring solutions; this one tends to be a greater option for your floors than epoxy. Polyurea has many pros; do you want to know them? 

In this blog post, we’ll go through the cons an epoxy floor has and the benefits of polyurea floors, a better alternative for your flooring projects. Keep reading! If you were looking for epoxy flooring in Nashville, you might want to reconsider; be smart and make wise decisions!

All About Epoxy Flooring

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a type of coating. Epoxy is made up of two separate chemicals; resin and hardener. The resins are the part that makes epoxy stick to surfaces, while the hardeners make it dry faster (the longer you mix them together, the harder they get).

The Cons Of Epoxy Flooring

All About Polyurea Coating

What Is Polyurea?

Polyurea is a type of coating that’s made up of two parts as well: resin and hardener. However, the difference between polyurea and epoxy is that the resins in polyurea are mixed with an activator before being applied to a surface; this causes the polyurea to cure much more quickly than epoxy (within hours, instead of days).

The Pros Of Polyurea Floor Coating

Why Polyurea Is Better Than Epoxy

All of these factors make polyurea a better choice than epoxy for floor coating; You can even add it to your poolside flooring to avoid a slippery environment for your family! If you’re looking for a durable, stain-resistant coating that’s safe and easy to install, then polyurea is the way to go.

Where To Get The Most Effective Flooring Installation Service?

If you were looking for a “garage floor coating near me,” Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is ready to assist you. We’ve been in the industry for years; all that time allowed us to get to know our industry and market better. We’re confident that we can meet and exceed your expectations if you leave your garage flooring project to us.

We’re reliable, effective and have competitive prices. Our well-trained team has the right licenses to operate, and they’re eager to help you. Titan Garage Flooring Solutions‘ polyurea coating is the best in the market! Our unique Titan coating has no volatile organic compounds, it’s great for outdoor spaces, and you’ll walk on your floors after 6 hours of its application.

Let us show you why our good reputation backs us up; reach out and deep dive into our coating and services details today! Don’t let this opportunity to give your floors a make-over pass you by. Titan Garage Flooring Solutions is the greatest option for flooring installation in Nashville. What are you waiting for?


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