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Garages are one of the most neglected spaces in a home. It’s easy to forget the strain that a concrete garage floor suffers from having to support the vehicles’ weight, automotive fluids, grease, hot tires, and the list goes on. 

Temperature fluctuations also play a massive role in deteriorating your garage floor as the concrete expands in the summer and contracts in the winter. Without the proper protection, a garage floor will begin to exhibit cracks, stains, uneven surface color, or crumbling over time. 

Floor coverings are designed to give your garage the extra protection and strength it needs to be able to provide you with extra space for a gym, storage, mechanic shop, or even a garden shed. This article will discuss the different flooring types for garages, their benefits, and how to choose the best protection for that unique space in your home full of endless potential. 

What Are Garage Floor Coverings?

Simply put, floor coverings are materials that are put on top of your garage floor. These can be removed or moved as needed. While you have the option of throwing any fancy carpet to embellish your garage’s floor, you probably want to invest in a product that is manufactured specifically for the needs of your garage floor.

The 2 Main Types  

There are two main types of floor coverings for garages that have been specifically manufactured to provide them with the support and protection they need.

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles used in garage floors are typically made out of vinyl, plastic, rubber, and composite wood. They are manufactured so they easily interlock with each other and form a raised flooring capable of supporting vehicles’ weight without issues. Floor tiles are a good option when your concrete slab has severe damage that is difficult to repair. The tiles will provide a level floor and hide all imperfections beneath them. 

Nonetheless, if you live in an area with high humidity levels, you may want to think twice before covering your garage with floor tiles. Water and liquids can quickly accumulate underneath the tiles, eventually leading to unpleasant odors and mold problems.

Floor Mats

The easiest way to cover your garage floor is by rolling a floor mat that hides all the cracks and stains. Floor mats are usually made from rubber or polyvinyl plastic. Some of these mats can resemble rugs with beautiful textures, while others can resemble gym mats with their padding. 

Overall, floor mats are great as they are easy to install and clean. However, they can absorb water and materials that can lead to moisture problems underneath just like floor tiles.

Your Best Option: Titan Flooring Applications

Titan flooring applications are a revolutionary system made up of a combination of polyurea and polyaspartic. This high-tech system is excellent for residential and commercial use, thanks to its durability and top-quality protection against abrasion. Additionally, the benefits from Titan flooring applications outweigh the few benefits from other garage floor covering options.

Lifetime Warranty

Titan flooring applications come with a lifetime warranty, which ensures protection against chips, cracks, and even spills. 

Fast Curing Time

Within only 6 hours after installation, you can walk into your garage without issues. Within 24 hours, you can park your car and move everything back to where it belongs. This quick and efficient curing time guarantees a hassle-free installation process. 

Non-Toxic Covering 

Titan floorings are also excellent for confined spaces, such as garages, thanks to their lack of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). This also makes it environmentally friendly and ensures your family is not exposed to toxic elements.

Unparalleled Protection

In addition, Titan flooring applications offer moisture, oil, chemical, and acid protection, making them the perfect flooring for any commercial use when needed.  

Invest in Top-Quality Garage Flooring 

At Titan Garage Flooring Solutions, we are committed to providing you with the best concrete covering for garage floors on the market. We have the technology, equipment, and experienced staff to efficiently take care of all your garage flooring needs. Give your garage floor the lifetime protection it deserves against cracks, chips, or spills with our high-quality polyurea floor coverings.


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