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Do-It-Yourself projects have been pretty common during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many homeowners have applied a fresh coat of paint to their properties, others decided to redesign the kitchen, and a few wanted to change their garage’s floor covering. 

If you’re interested in coating your concrete floor with epoxy in Nashville, you have made a big decision, especially if you want to do it on your own. Here we’ll explain how to do an epoxy flooring coating and learn about other alternatives that might suit your needs and preferences. 

The Process of Coating an Epoxy Floor

Doing an epoxy flooring coating in Nashville is a challenging and complicated procedure. Missing a step can be fatal, and sometimes, inexperienced homeowners end up ruining their flooring instead of updating it. Plus, it takes up to six days to dry completely. 

Now, let’s explore how the coating process works:

Prepare the Surface

Preparation of the substrate is necessary to ensure adhesion between the epoxy product and the substrate. Suitable methods are sanding or diamond-grinding. Any surfaces that have been contaminated with oils may also require chemical cleaning.

Clean & Vacuum the Floor

You should use an industrial vacuum that picks up even small dust particles. The floor must be cleaned of all dust and residues before starting to prime. Otherwise, you will have various particles trapped within the coat, and adhesion will be significantly weakened. 

Prime The Floor With an Epoxy Primer

Priming will give your floor a longer lifespan and better adhesion to the substrate. It also helps reduce the amount of product that will be required in the later stages. 

Fill All Cracks & Holes

You must fill all cracks and holes before applying the epoxy flooring coating. 

Application of the Epoxy Coating 

Use an electric mixer and mix the epoxy at least for two minutes. Then, apply the product with a high-quality roller to ensure the most outstanding result. You should be able to re-coat after 24 hours. 

During this step, you might notice that more cracks and holes have appeared. If so, make sure they’re sealed before starting the next coat. 

A Better Alternative: Polyurea Hybrid Floor Coating

Polyurea hybrid is a floor coating that’s applied over concrete surfaces. It’s ideal for industrial and residential environments, and it’s often used in garages, kitchens, and outdoor areas. Here’s a list of the main perks of using polyurea hybrid floor coating:

Lifetime Warranty 

Contractors often offer polyurea coatings options for affordable prices that include lifetime warranties. This floor can last endless years and require minimal maintenance. 

Fast Dry – 24 Hours 

Epoxy flooring takes a long time to cure. On the other hand, polyurea coatings provide a quick curing process and can be touched in about 24 hours. You can even park a car on the floor covering, and no damage will occur.

High Tolerance to Heat

Temperature tolerances are excellent with polyurea floor coating. This allows fast cure times even at extremes temperatures of 0ºF up to +250º-300˚F. This floor has the advantage of having more excellent heat resistance than others, being the best covering for outdoor environments.

Chemical & Impact Resistance 

Polyurea floor coatings have been tested on solvents and acids such as hydrochloric acid and acetic acid. These studies showed that the coating is highly resistant to chemical exposure. It’s recommended to use this type of floor in garages, repair shops, airplane hangars, or other locations where commercial or residential floor coatings may be exposed to a variety of substances.

100% U.V Stability 

This means they won’t get yellow because it’s UV stable even in outdoor conditions. Therefore, your floor will always have a pleasant, good looking appearance.

Titan Garage Flooring Solutions Is Here to Help You 

If you’re located in Nashville and think about applying an epoxy flooring coating in your garage, please don’t waste your time and money. Titan Garage Flooring Solutions provides the latest flooring technologies in the industry. 

Titan floors are strong, durable, and extremely resistant to abrasions, impact, and chemicals. Our floor coatings are versatile, slip-resistant, and come in a variety of styles and designs. Contact us today; our team of qualified technicians is ready to help you have the floor you always dream of at a fair price. 


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