The floor is the foundation of your home, and it is important to ensure that it’s in good condition. The floor’s lifespan is hard to determine. Years can pass, and we don’t realize its condition; we only notice it once there is a problem.

The most obvious sign is visible damage: scratches, scuffs, chips, gouges, and scrapes on the flooring surface. These can occur from day-to-day living or accidents such as spills. Damage like this will only get worse over time and result in costly repairs down the line. But how do you know if it needs an immediate repair or replacement? Keep reading to find out more.

Floor Inspection Checklist

First of all, look at the floor! Do you see any damage? Is there anything that needs to be fixed right away, or is it a bigger issue that requires professional assessment?

If so, you should consider calling for a floor inspection to determine whether or not it’s time for a floor replacement. An inspection is the best way to get objective information on your options and what your next move should be before you make any rash decisions that could cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

Floor Coating

Before getting extreme with a full floor installation, one of the solutions is investing in floor coating. A floor inspection can help you determine whether or not a floor coating is right for your situation and the benefits it would add to your home.

You will need this solution if:

The coating can extend the life of your floor by protecting it from damage and makes future cleanups much easier, which means less work on your end!

Floor Installation

When concrete flooring becomes damaged over time or if the damage exceeds what floor coatings can do to cover up cracks and chips, it’s best to consider new flooring installation as an option.

The problem with your concrete floors might sometimes be more complicated than the floor itself. If, for example, the earth beneath the floorboards has significantly shifted, it may be time to replace them. Of course, some shifting is inevitable; a properly installed floor should be able to withstand such forces. However, if you didn’t set up your floor properly, to begin with, you will probably need to invest in a new one to fix the mistake.

In other words, if there is an issue at the very bottom of your floor, it’s time to replace it. The entire integrity of the floor would rapidly deteriorate and expose visible issues on the surface without a solid foundation.

Choosing The Right Flooring Solution

On your search for the right garage floor coating, you’ve probably come across options for epoxy flooring and polyaspartic. Both have their benefits, but Polyaspartic is the winner if you are looking for a durable option with a fast-drying and non-toxic product, as it’s free of volatile organic compounds, making it safe for indoor spaces and food service.

Call For Experts

After getting your floor inspection, you might find out that it’s not the right time for an installation, but rather it’s best to consider floor coatings, or it could be the other way around; in any case, it’s better to call for professional services from start to finish to do the job.

Look no further than Titan Garage Flooring Solutions! We offer a top-quality product made up of a hybrid of polyurea and polyaspartic, the best choice for you:

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